Since 2006, the Teсhinform Company has been involved in creating information systems of various scope and complexity: web sites, web applications, interfaces, UI/UX design, intranet systems, mobile applications etc.

Teсhinform has become a designer of large federal and regional systems: complex of data systems for Uralsib (UI/UX for ATМ, online banking, queuing system and data display), CRM-system Business365 (UI/UX), Zvorykin award, on-line store of the “Champion” network (site, processing center for bonus cards and mobile application), “BusinessForward” for Megafon, Brunswick Marine (RUS) CRM-system and site, portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and other projects.

We are working with clients from other regions, we have representatives in Moscow, Milan (Itali), Jakarta (Bali) and USA. Projects can be implemented in the English, Italian and German languages.


Always thinking of your business

Lyubov Malgina, CEO Techinform

Designers of the Teсhinform Company always remember that creativity should not be the ultimate goal, and creativity in business life is in the service of commercial goals. The objective of each project we create, is to effectively work for the benefit of the client. Only if the client really benefits from the project, if the solution, we propose, allows them to take a step forward — only then we consider our work successfully accomplished.

A significant part of our projects, associated in the first hand with the design of user interfaces and with the development of creative web sites, is done under Malgini brand.

We are trying to accumulate experience, to improve, in order to raise the efficiency of our decisions. New complex projects are always interesting for us. If you have one, we’ll gladly participate in the work on it.

Our clients already amount to more than 100 companies, we have accomplished more than 300 projects.

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