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It occurred to us that it would be interesting to describe our case, which we were working on in 2015.

This year, one of our now-beloved customers, the KapMan company, opened its first retail store of branded overalls and of course looked for a contractor for an already fashion online store. Thank you for choosing us!

About the project: customers Kapman from the B2B sector. But the end user is the ladies from the supply department. Unexpectedly, the truth?) But the purpose is, the task waits.

So, about the finished product:

1. C using @vadimfeoktistov was a photo session to fill the site content. On the output were the photos of the magazine type, made in realistic terms with the participation of men of brutal appearance in clothes from Kapman)

2. Our designer, of course, also did not disappoint and implemented a very convenient interface.

3. A variative mechanism of the discount system was developed and a fast generation of invoices for online payment. What you will not do for the sake of our client's clients) You can see the result and you) we do not hide anything)

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