Interview with Love Malgin:

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The magazine "Dog" in his June issue published an interview with the director of LLC Tekhinform, Lyubov Malgina. The magazine about people and the city asked the right questions about business, about new trends, about the company's usefulness for the Ufa business and the advantages of the Tehinform team.

1. Automation of processes in business is a topic that is difficult for an ordinary person to understand. What is it?

For 10 years, Tehinform has developed a unique experience in solving problems on automation of large and small units of life of companies.

Exclusion of the human factor. What for? The main reason is the synergy of infallibility, acceleration of processes. Many ready-made systems for maintaining clients, accounting, personnel, reporting, task list have been created. Template solutions will satisfy the company at the start. Then there is a unique business logic and, as a consequence, the need for personalized solutions.

2. Stages of work, the most interesting?

General: design, creation, testing, implementation in the business process. The tasks solved with the help of IT are always non-standard. Therefore, the design stage is the most interesting and, personally for me, is the most beloved. All segments are analyzed and weak are allocated, in which profit is lost. In long-term projects the sequence of stages is not strict. The design of the next stage begins even when the current one is created.

3. On what, as you called, the nodes of the life of companies need to pay attention first of all?

Work on the document management system, sales channel effectiveness analysts, work time accounting, large data analysis. Tasks related to the specifics of the customer's business: the design of online business "Turnkey", the creation of applications to simplify routine tasks (for example: "Recall a visit" - a reminder of a scheduled visit via SMS). The importance of the task can not be overestimated, because for each client the logic of the work is unique.

4. To whom will this service be useful?

Everyone. Any business can make a huge step forward with the help of automation.

5. Examples?

Boat motors Mercury. One of the largest ERP-systems for work with spare parts was created in Russia. Modules for working with orders, suppliers' databases, complete workflow for 70+ dealers, analytics, forecasts, etc.

"Champion". A large player in the sports goods market received an online store with multi-cities, an application, an order system with control of the status of delivery, etc., it is not surprising that the work for them is conducted by different teams in 4 directions.

Federal startup for the automation of car wash "Carmen". Thousands of users are recorded through the application, hundreds of car washes are controlled by a well thought-out CRM system.

Uralsib. Hundreds of constantly updated design mock-ups for online banking, ATMs and payment terminals. A separate service for viewing current layouts by connecting the version control system. We work in a team with the programmers of the customer.

The project for the business club A3. Mobile application with the messenger, a system of payment of membership fees. This is just the beginning, the stage of designing unique functions - in full swing. Together with the client the logic of drawing up of a rating of businessmen, system of record, the account, payment of participation in actions, the further development is worked through.

6. The most non-standard request?

The most non-standard was the project of automating themselves.

5. Advantage of your company? Why customers should contact you?

An experience. 10 years on the market gave practical experience in solving diverse tasks. Qualified and full staff of specialists in the office.

Timing. Experience, and gave the opportunity to clearly plan the timing of the project.

Complexity. Automation, sites, mobile applications. Even promotion, though content, we do not do seo and guessing on the coffee grounds.

Love. We love and understand our customers. They appreciate the time, they know how to predict the economic effect of IT tools.

7. Summing up?

It is worth noting an important feature of automation - the constant desire of the client to improve the business. Already the first success proves the correctness of the chosen path. Prospects are endless. Only constant development will make it possible to become market leaders.