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Company blog    Startup Village 2017

On June 6 and 7, an international start-up conference was held in Skolkovo for the fifth time.
What is it?
Startup Village is a platform for communicating start-ups with investors, entrepreneurs and corporations at the level of exchange of ideas and products.
Director of OOO Tehinform visited this large-scale event:
"Our clients mostly work in the field of E-Commerce, so we need to keep abreast of the latest trends. We went to the conference to understand which partnerships and useful links can be established between startups and our customers. Acquaintance with the first gives just knowledge about innovations and trends. The second good is the successful interaction and development of business. We will, of course, try to use the ideas and acquaintances we've seen in our work.
Startup Village is an incredible event for IT and business. If you are prepared and know the program of the event, then you can get acquainted with a bunch of useful people. Useful for yourself, for business, for customers. It is necessary to go there with a definite purpose, and the conference will provide ways to implement it. "

Startup village