Free course RubyOnRails from 0 до Junior

It's time to tell you about our successful educational project, which we started last year without noise and pomp (all the same first), but it turned out. And it turned out perfectly!

Since 2016 the company Techinform and the Department of the Medical Institute of our USATU have been conducting annual free courses for students and all those who want to learn the Ruby programming language and the RubyOnRails framework.

Ruby on Rails – step forward for any programmer

Many popular sites are created on Ruby on Rails, such as Twitter, Basecamp, GitHub, Hulu, Scribd, Shopify,, Danbooru, Groupon, Look At Me and many others.

The course is designed for programmers who want to learn a new modern framework. In fact, we do not teach programming from scratch, we help to move to a new level, a bit different, more modern and interesting.

Why are free courses?

There are many courses on the Internet, but they are all paid. Each costs from 30 thousand rubles and this is absolutely reasonable price. After all, the salary of a successful Ruby programmer, even in his native Ufa, is considerable 30-80 thousand rubles. In capitals the level of salaries even higher.

Working in the market of IT services since 2006, we were faced with a shortage of personnel.

UGATU for all its power does not cope with the training of specialists with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. USATU is the base. Without a base anywhere, of course. But you can not get a job for us with this base.

"We had to take juniors, teach as part of the work in Tehinform, educate, distracted from the work process. It was expensive. Very expensive and slow" –notes Lyubov Malgina, director of Tehinform Ltd.

Professor Yusupova Nafisa Islamovna (USATU) offered us an educational project - to conduct their RubyOnRails courses on the basis of the USATU for students. Free for students. Free fr us.

Despite the lack of economic benefit, we agreed. Why?

Firstly, it is native UGATU, where more than 20 of our current and past employees came out, secondly Tehinform is already mature enough to create its educational programs. Thirdly, we will be able to prepare the very cadres, which are so often lacking in the regional market.

"Companies that provide free educational services help not only themselves, but also the it-industry as a whole, which will certainly favorably affect the economy of the region and will reduce the outflow of staff to Moscow," - commented on our work of measures Ufa Irek Yalalov during his acquaintance with the stand of our company on UfaDevConf 2017.

Where are the graduates of our courses

We take the best of the issue ourselves or we supervise it until the end of our education in UGATU. Others fill up the ranks of job seekers "RubyOnRails programmer", because on the rails already in Ufa, not only Tehinform writes (but we were the first company 100% converted to rails).

There are ideas for creating the next in the complexity of the training unit, maybe already paid. But while these ideas are only in development.

And now you can join our students and master Ruby for 4 months. This time is quite enough to start and get the proud title Junior RubyOnRails developer.

All information in the special section on RoR courses .

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