Website development: how does it work?

The Internet is a huge opportunity to expand your business and increase your sales. But for this you need a website, the creation of which must be entrusted to professionals. What to do if you do not understand much about the topic and do not know by what criteria it is worth choosing a contractor? You need to understand what exactly the contractor will be doing.

The stages of website development are usually as follows:

  • Setting goals and objectives

Discussion of the direction of your development and the desired result.

  • Analytics

Studying competitors and drawing up a psychological portrait of your target audience.

  • Terms of reference and prototypes

Drawing up an accurate idea of ​​the future site using prototypes, creating graphic elements.

  • Layout and selection of CMS

Collecting a site from graphic elements using code so that it is displayed correctly from all devices.

  • Filling the site with content

Adding texts written by professional copywriters, filling pages with information.

  • Website protection and promotion

Website promotion using SEO and internet marketing to attract an audience.

A large number of highly qualified specialists are involved in the process of creating a website, from a project manager to a copywriter. At each stage, you are to a certain extent involved in the process and imagine the end result. You should order the site from the contractor who is ready to cooperate with you in full and at all stages.

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