CRM - what is it and why is it needed?

CRM system is a customer relationship management tool that allows you to organize data, automate routine operations, coordinate the work of employees, identify customers and the history of communication with them, and optimize company processes.
In other words, it is a tool that greatly simplifies the sales business process and adapts to your needs during the integration process.
Easier - it helps to sell!

What does CRM give?

  • Transparency: the ability to centrally track the progress of all transactions, track the performance of individual managers and the bottleneck of the sales funnel.
  • Predictability: Helps you create a realistic sales plan and understand how many customers need to be attracted in order to fulfill it.
  • Analytics: using the data obtained, find new effective channels for attracting customers, solve the bottleneck problem and choose a way to motivate staff.

CRM systems are conventionally classified according to several parameters:

  • By appointment: universal and industry
  • By location: cloud (SaaS) and boxed
  • By function: modular, self-written, etc.

When implementing CRM, specialists select the most suitable configuration for you, the functions of which are configured in order to help solve your business problems.

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