A guide to the types of advertising on the Internet

Contextual advertising

These are advertisements that appear in front of search results or appear on the side of websites. The advantage of such advertising: you immediately tune in to your target audience - ads will be seen only by those who entered your chosen search query. It works fast, but it stops as soon as you stop paying. For one of our clients, we bring from 100 to 300 clients per month - the tool works perfectly.

Targeted advertising

The targeting used on social media can be in the form of sidebar ads, sponsored posts or blocks, and video pre-rolls. The same effective and popular way as contextual advertising. We recently targeted an event and received 672 applications.

Banner advertising

Banners are static or dynamic images, which are assigned a special block on the page, within which they are displayed. Now there are many types of banners that can also be customized to suit your target audience.

Native advertising

Native advertising looks like the most natural presentation of information in the form of an article, a note, and other useful content. Most often inherent in thematic resources, social networks or news resources. These articles provide a referral link to your site. For this we use our information portal RB7.

Viral advertising

The main principle of viral advertising is the transfer of information “from user to user” due to its ambiguity, originality or humor. It can be anything, most importantly, catchiness and courage are brought to the fore.⠀

Email newsletter

Email newsletters are a good way to keep your audience engaged. The main thing is to do it competently and not to bother clients, then it will bring a positive effect.

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