What are chat bots for?

Chatbots are programs that automate interactions with users. Usually, communication is conducted according to a given scenario, but there are also fully trainable systems that work with the help of artificial intelligence.

Using bots to communicate with clients allows you to reduce personnel costs, as well as process applications quickly and around the clock. Development is simplified by the fact that most of the requests from users are typical and easy to handle.

The use of chat bots opens up the following opportunities:

  • additional sales channel in messengers;
  • collecting information about the needs of users and their contacts;
  • feedback at any time of the day.

Chatbots are constantly evolving and users are more and more willing to communicate with them. After all, customers always expect a quick answer to their question, which is possible only with the use of automated systems.

Writing a chatbot or building it using a constructor

With the development of messenger marketing, the need for chatbots has increased. You can create them in two ways:

  • write by hand;
  • use the constructor.

Self-written chat bot

A self-written chatbot has unlimited possibilities when working with a messenger. Most often, the standard functionality includes an administration panel, integration with external resources and a system for maintaining structured or unstructured dialogues.

Structured dialogs are understood as communicating with users using commands according to a pre-programmed algorithm. Such a model is convenient for implementation:

  • answers to typical questions;
  • viewing a list of services or goods;
  • appointments and other purposes.

Unstructured dialogs are much more difficult to implement, as they are based on machine learning-based natural language processing. These bots analyze the question and generate a unique answer. With the help of them, you can solve a technical problem of the user, communicate on various topics and solve other problems.

To implement a self-written chat bot, the following IT infrastructure is required:

  • hosting;
  • server;
  • database.

Self-written chatbots are used by retailers, banks, providers and other organizations. They allow you to conduct full-fledged consultations of users, observing the internal security requirements and rules for storing personal data. The service administrator can accept orders, make settings and perform other actions.

The cost of custom-made chat bots depends on their functionality and implementation complexity. Freelancers can complete an order up to $ 150, while IT companies charge at least $ 250 for a simple implementation. If you need to integrate the system with third-party services, for example, with payment systems, warehouse accounting and others, the price tag can exceed $ 1000.

The most complex and costly part of the system is natural language processing. The most sophisticated chatbots can work with voice. Development time also depends on the complexity of the implementation. Studios create simple bots in about a week, freelancers - about 2 times longer. If self-learning chatbots are required, development can take up to six months.


  • integration with complex services;
  • the ability to work with any platform;
  • user interface and functionality as required.
  • quick fix of bugs and addition of new functions.


  • high price;
  • the need for server and hosting support;
  • long term of implementation.

Chatbot on the constructor

Using constructors significantly speeds up and reduces the cost of creating a chatbot. With experience, it is possible to get a finished product in 1 day. Even the most complex projects will not require more than 1 month. This does not require knowledge of programming and various technologies. Some services even provide limited free functionality, which is enough to write simple bots.

The functionality of a ready-made chatbot is limited by the capabilities of the platform. However, some sites even provide a natural language processing service. For an additional fee, you can get the ability to integrate with third-party services. Most of the services provide training materials and detailed statistics of all chatbot actions. In general, the functionality of the constructors is sufficient for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • quick start and training;
  • the possibility of free creation;
  • ease of implementation and maintenance.


  • transition to another service is difficult;
  • limited number of messengers;
  • it is impossible to create a non-standard solution;
  • in case of service interruptions, the chatbot is terminated.

When choosing a self-written chat bot or using a constructor, you should determine the functionality of the product, the possible budget and other parameters. If the investment pays off, then it is better to order the development from scratch, otherwise you can use the constructor.

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