TOP #1 Mobile application for hotels

Hottler is a mobile hotel application developed to enhance efficient communication with guests and create revenue opportunities.

The app can be downloaded to a smart phone with iOS or Android and allows guests to make use of a hotel’s services in an easy and fast way in their language without having to call or ask reception.

Main Features

Amazing easy-to-use application with robust multi-lingual web-based backend


Hottler designed for most types of platforms including iOS and Android, including both the latest and earlier models.


Hottler works in 68 world languages.


Hottler can work offline. Most of services work without Internet access.

Cloud for you

Content and operations management is controlled through cloud- based back-end.

Hotel Benefits

Enhancing the guest satisfaction and increasing revenue

Increase guest satisfaction

The application allows one to get in touch with staff or even manage the hotel, notify of problems and leave feedback, helping to resolve complex situations or guest grievances efficiently.

Receive feedback

The in-built survey system allows guests needs to be understood and analysed, raising the quality of service.

Generate new revenue sources

Advertising possibilities of app allow you to increase sales of hotel services and attract commercial partners for additional revenue.

Order any hotel service

Guests can order any service at one touch — from taxis and room dinner service to an extra tooth brush and towel.

Hottler App is beneficial to all: guests have a new and impressive experience staying at a hotel, and the hotel gets a powerful tool for managing staff and communicating with guests.

Hottler combines comprehensive up-to-date information with an impressive visual display.

Starting from $49 per month

for personal iOS and Android application

Get Hottler for your hotel