To successfully participate in commercial projects mastering programming theory is not sufficient. A novice has to acquire skills of team work, skills of correct project requirements understanding, of interaction with the customer, correct usage of project management instruments, and also familiarize with main processes of the company. There is nothing better in mastering these sides of the profession than personal experience. That is exactly what we are ready to help acquire within internship programmes organized in the company.

Techinform company has a large history of beginner programmers preparation. Guided by our experience and constantly improving the preparation process we will help them while training at class projects to overcome difficulties of team collaboration, feel the most important points for project successful accomplishment, make mistakes, analyze them and draw conclusions to avoid mistakes in the future while working on real projects for real customers.

Experienced supervisors and professional colleagues will always be at hand for beginner programmers and at the right moment will help them with theoretical or practical advice.

Admission of candidates is competitive. You can learn more of the Internship programme having applied or sent a CV via the web-site or an email with "Internship" subject.

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