Electronic trading platform (ETP)

Development of a unified trade aggregator for the Republic of Bashkortostan under 44-FZ and 223-FZ

The Small Procurement Store of the Republic of Bashkortostan (MMZRB) is a unified trade aggregator of the republic, where trade procedures with a budget of up to 400,000 rubles under 44-FZ are published and conducted, as well as commercial trades under 223-FZ.

A distinctive feature of the project is the presence of many important integrations that the Techinform team carries out at a high system level, ensuring the proper quality and safety of the services provided.



Integration with ESIA

For registration of customers and suppliers, integration with a unified identification and authentication system (ESIA, the portal of State services) was developed. For this, the mnemonics of the developed information system (trading platform) were registered in the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SMEV), as well as the complex, lengthy and bureaucratic procedure for accreditation in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia was completely passed.

When registering, a customer or supplier only needs to log in to the ETP using the company's account in State Services, and all data will be automatically transferred to the account of the trading platform.



Integration with the EIS zakupki.gov

Integration with a unified information system (EIS, federal Procurement Portal zakupki.gov.ru) was developed to conduct trades under 44-FZ. With the help of such integration, the developed trading platform receives the structure of the customer's organization, as well as important parameters, for example, the limit for small purchases for the current year.

An interface that doesn't let you go wrong

A distinctive feature of the trading platform is maximum convenience for all users (customers and suppliers).



This level of interface convenience was achieved thanks to preliminary deep and detailed prototyping of the user interface, and the implementation of such a scenario for using the trading platform, in which the user excludes the possibility of making mistakes, and at each stage of working with the ETP, only the information that is currently needed is displayed or requested.

Integration with CryptoPro 5.0 and CryptoPro Server



All legally significant actions - creating a purchase by the customer, sending an offer by the supplier, signing documents based on the results of the auction - are accompanied by signing using an electronic digital signature (EDS). For this, integration was implemented with the CryptoPro 5.0 version of the cryptographic information system on the user side (for reading the EDS), and with the CryptoPro Server on the server side (the trading platform itself).

Work on any computer with a browser

The technological advantage of the developed ETP is the ability to work in any browser and on any operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS), while most trading platforms work only in the Internet Explorer browser in the Windows operating system.

Integration with CryptoPro DSS centralized key storage

A unique feature of the developed electronic trading platform is the ability to sign with an electronic digital signature from absolutely any device, without the need to use a USB token with an electronic signature on a computer. This procedure was implemented thanks to the integration with the CryptoPro DSS centralized key storage. The user can upload his private key to a secure protected vault and set a password (pin code). In the future, when it is required to use a digital signature to sign an electronic document, the user is prompted to enter a pin code, and the trading platform will use the key from the secure storage.The procedure for signing electronic documents with a digital signature in the personal account of the federal tax service works exactly the same way.

Automatic generation of all purchasing documents



For the convenience of users, an automatic generation of a package of documents based on the results of trading has been implemented. If, as a result of the procurement procedure, a winner has been selected, the system automatically generates a contract by filling in the fields for cost, information about the supplier and the customer, and the terms of delivery of goods / works / services. The parties only need to sign the documents using EDS.

Three-way integration of ETP, 1C Accounting and the bank

To automate the process of replenishing the security balance and withdrawing funds, a three-way integration of ETP, 1C Accounting and the bank as a partner of the trading platform was implemented.



This was necessary, since the balance is replenished by transferring funds from the settlement account of the organization, and the money is transferred to the bank account of the trading platform after a few hours. This implementation made it possible to completely exclude the work of an accountant in this process.

Integration with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

To check the correctness of the data entered by users of the electronic trading platform, integration with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE), the register of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the register of unscrupulous suppliers and others was developed.

About the project

Despite the uncountable number of integrations and the interface that is incredibly difficult to implement (but very user-friendly), the project was developed as planned and moved on to the next stage of implementation in the procurement process in the government of the republic.

Special thanks to the customer's side (Sergey P., Alexander V., Larisa K.) for the fruitful joint work and the result that one can be proud of.

The bonus result of such a development was not only a useful project for the development of the republic, but also the invaluable experience of Techinform's work with the most important elements of integrating business projects with the state system.

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