Cutting-edge services

From its foundation in 2006 Teсhinform has been involved in creation of information systems with various complexity from different areas across the business: web sites, web applications, interfaces, UI/UX design, intranet systems, mobile applications etc.

The list of completed projects you can find here.

Expertises and main activity

We are always interested in new challenging projects. If you have such — we will gladly take part in working on it.

Web development

Businesses that need custom applications use our web development solutions.


Mobile applications

This is software developed for one or several mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone or other.



Model in which a software vendor does not sell the license for it, but lets it be used for a monthly charge.



Cloud computing is a model that involves giving users the access to external computing resources.


Interface UI/UX

Design is about people. We focus on designing web and mobile apps that satisfy users’ needs.



We offer you full qualified team staffing services according to your requirements and wishes.


We try to accumulate experience, to improve, to increase the efficiency of our solutions. We have a ready-made solutions that allows fast enough to solve some common tasks. These decisions can in a relatively short period of time to be adapted for the needs of a specific customer. The price of such standard solutions, of course, lower than the launch of a similar project from scratch.

We Do

1. Project specification development, prototyping

The project specification is the planning team's concise statement of core goals, values, and intent, to provide the ultimate policy direction for everything that comes next.

2. Project auditing, code review

Many organizations have difficulty delivering projects. Part of the reason is that managers and sponsors have a hard time understanding the true state of a project.

3. Agile web development with cutting edge framework

From initial concept to completion, we create engaging web applications that will streamline your business.

4. Project management, consulting

IT project management is the process of planning, organizing and delineating responsibility for the completion of organizations' specific information technology goals.

5. Writing technical documentation

Technical documentation can have a huge impact on the success of any platform.

6. Technical support, project maintenance

We offer services of various program products support: from small web applications to large enterprise information systems.