We offer services of various program products support: from small web applications to large enterprise information systems.

Large work experience with various programming languages and third party systems and code allows us to examine and optimize your software within short terms and be ready to provide support whenever it is necessary.

More than 10 years of successful work in the IT-market allows us to consider services of software support and maintenance essential for most software owners, the following in particular:

  • For customers that have no resources to complete development and launch the software;
  • For customers that need to update and improve the current software;
  • For customers that plan to integrate the system, written using obsolete technologies, with a new program;
  • For customers whose product is in operation and needs constant modifications according to the software users’ wish.

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Analysis of the existing software

In the course of analysis we test the existing application and examine its source code. Such analysis results in a report about defects and errors found, and also a complex of remedial actions.


At the stage of optimization we remove all the defects and errors mentioned above, as a result of which you receive valid software.

Software work control

At this stage we control software work for timely faults and defects prevention.

Process support

Process support of new software versions release - over the whole support stage we monitor your software work and timely inform you about necessary updates. Updates can be both functional and technical.

Collaboration with us you with the following benefits:
  • Developers team staffing, who have a large work experience with both modern and obsolete technologies;
  • Reduction of expenses on maintenance due to software defects prevention;
  • Software updates for its duly work;
  • Timely alterations made to the software to keep steady and increase the demand for it in the market.