Our most precious asset are employees. Our common result of working as a company depends on personal results of each employee and so do opportunities of working conditions improvement for each employee.

To achieve good overall results we are interested in inviting ambitious qualified professionals, able to achieve desired goals, responsible for both their activity and team’s activity results. For such applicants there are always tasks to perform even if we do not announce such vacancies.

We offer interesting work, promotion opportunities, well-deserved remuneration of labour, all labour documents are signed according to the current laws, continuous education and skills upgrading.

The office is located in the historical centre of the city. Nearby is a Park with a pond and walking area. Convenient transportation, no traffic, specific to the centre. Two stops of public transport within walking distance. Working time depends on the position (flexible schedule).

Tea, cookies, milk and a good mood — always at the expense of the office.

Official employment according to the laws of the country where the office is located. Individual bonuses to the salary by results of work for the year.

Vacancies list

You can send us your CV and perform a test task, we will contact you if needed.

Rails developer

Requirements: knowledge of modern technologies of software development (life cycle software architecture and design patterns, automated testing software).

Requires knowledge of the programming language Ruby and RubyOnRails framework.

Salary based on the interview results.

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iOS Developer

Requirements: Knowledge and experience in Objective-C; Knowledge of UIKit Framework; Knowledge and experience in Xcode 5; Experience in multi-threaded applications creation.

Additional Requirements: Core Graphics; SDK: Cocos2d, Corona, Box2d, Chipmunk; Cross-platform development; Android / Windows Phone.

Salary based on the interview results.

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Must: be able to draw a modern, high-quality layouts for websites and applications.

Desirable: to have an idea about the template engines and HTML + CSS.

Salary based on the interview results.

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PHP developer

Requirements: knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Drupal CMS, ability to quickly learn new skills.

Salary based on the interview results.

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